About TattersallFox and why we sell stock ties...


 Why We Do We Do What We Do!

Our Mission is to offer high quality stock ties that can become the preferred choice of riders.  Our purpose is to create a brand that gives back to a special group within our equestrian community!  

As most riders know, stock ties were made to aide a fallen horse or rider in the field.   And it is proven that children and adults can improve their physical, communication, motor and social skills through working with and riding horses.


TattersallFox was born out of the idea to offer well made, high quality traditional stock ties you can proudly wear as you enjoy your favorite equestrian passion, knowing your purchase will help special needs riders enjoy theirs.  

About the Founder

I designed and sewed a longer stock tie  fourteen years ago after riding in a hunt with a borrowed stock tie that came unpinned. The tie flapped my neck while riding through a hunt field in Tennessee.  I thought there has to be a better option, so I created one.  Work promotions, several moves, a child, and and the business of life in general kept me from pursuing the dream of starting my own company.

For many years I have held onto the dream of having my own brand of stock ties and the idea of somehow giving back.  This year, I was able to partner with a wonderful manufacturer in SC. And I now have the ability to offer you well made limited edition and custom stock ties that you, your hunt or your equestrian team can proudly wear as you enjoy your favorite equestrian sport.  

I believe in the great benefits horses can bring to those who are honored enough to have have good ones in our lives.  And, I have a passion to create a top brand that gives back to special needs riders so they can experience the same benefit. 

I am thankful for a husband and family who encourage me to continually pursue my dreams.  And, I also want to thank you for your wonderful support and encourage each of you to never give up on whatever dream or passion you may have! 

~Rhonda Macy - Founder, TattersallFox